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Different Hand Truck Different Types – One Tool for Many Jobs

Standard hand cart is quite a work horse and using one makes total sense. They help move heavy loads safely and more efficiently. With all of the different types of hand trucks available today, you should not overlook the one that started it all. It is quite simple really, you can move much more, much faster with a standard hand truck.
However, they do generally have a lower maximum load limit than one that is made from steel. They can be a little more expensive too. You still have plenty of choices when choosing a standard model but the main choice is, which one is right for you or your crew?

Aluminum – This light weight material makes moving materials and supplies even easier.
Steel – Hand trucks made from steel are generally less expensive and they can usually handle larger loads. The only real downside is the fact that they weigh more but it is really hard to notice when you are using one.

What type of handle should you get? There are loads of different handle options and styles, some allow for more leverage and others are simply there for aesthetic purposes.
What type of wheels are you going to need? That depends of where you are going to be using it. Solid, Pneumatic and Balloon cushion are just a few of the choices.

Once you decide on the type of material your new hand truck should be made from, you still have other options to choose from. There really is not anything standard about these mighty mass moving tools. Whether you use one a work or at home, you will be working smart not hard!

When it comes to selecting a Sackkarre klappbar, customers certainly are not starved for choice. Hand trucks come in many different makes, models, styles and even colors. Though the styles may vary from one brand name to the next, there are four basic hand truck types: Steel, aluminum, aluminum with stair climber, convertible aluminum and drum or barrel.

A plain Jane steel truck is a thriftier option that is good for warehouse operations and deliveries as well as simple jobs around the home. A steel truck is capable of handling daily abuse, collisions or falls and general rough and tumble use. If you plan on using a steel hand truck in rough situations, be sure to buy one that is not painted. You can purchase plain steel versions as well as painted hand trucks in all different colors. There are steel trucks available for outdoor use as well. The tires are designed to be rupture proof and shock absorbent for traveling over grass and gravel.

There is a standard aluminum hand truck. Aluminum is a lighter metal than steel; therefore less force is exerted by the driver to push the load. A lighter truck is also easier to manoeuvre in tight spots because you can lift it easily without hurting yourself. Many options are available to choose from because aluminum hand trucks do not simply vary in their carrying capacity. There are handle styles, wheel options, and color, of course.

Why are there so many options? Well, the handle design, for insistence, depends on how you will be moving the load. Two handles with grips on the ends are strictly meant for moving a load using both hands at all times, which means that the driver cannot open a door and push the load through at the same time. A loop handle allows the driver to choose hand positions and to drive one-handed.

A hand truck is simple enough but there are so many options out there that it can become frustrating. Keep in mind the job that you are doing. The more simple options are less expensive, while the convertible options will set you back several hundred dollars. Choose wisely or you could end up spending a lot more money than necessary.