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Cartoon and Computer Drawing Skills

Do you like 2D cartoons? Obviously, if you are anything like me, your answer is yes. But do you know how to do animation? Most of the young celebrities have the idea that animation is made with the help of computers. Indeed, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, computers played a very small role in creating this animated show.
Animated TV shows are actually made from hand-drawn graphics. A large number of images are required to prepare an animation show. A team of skilled artists created these images. Once the image is ready, it is then scanned onto a computer, edited, and color and various other effects are added using a computer.
As you can see in this process, the role of the artist is much more important than the sophisticated costume for computer software.
So if you want to start animating or animating but can’t because you don’t have expensive software, you need to change your mind.
This is still a sheet of paper and a pencil to use for cartooning. And turning your cartoons into really beautiful works of art takes practice because, like any skill, there is a learning curve. But don’t try to use computer literacy along with cartoon skills at first, as this will only complicate things and make the learning curve deep and long.
Fortunately, if you focus on improving your drawing skills and are good at drawing cartoon characters, you can acquire related computer skills relatively easily. Since most software is so easy to use and online, there are plenty of guides and manuals out there to show you how to complete basic tasks in no time. Let me take the risk of repeating myself and tell you that all this stuff is useless if you have absolutely no good drawing skills.
If you are a cartoon fan, get a pencil and paper and start drawing. There are lots of online resources to get you started but you have to be patient and keep trying as you will have a hard time following the directions and creating something beautiful at first, but if you stay focused and your skills keep practicing the cartoons will get better.
Once you enjoy cartooning, you can immerse me as a cartoon in the world of computers and learn how to scan, edit and add color effects to your animated film to make it look professional.