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Tour in Peru – An Element of Enchantment

Peru has significant and varied perspectives on holidays with incredible information and limited archaeological heritage, monuments and natural areas. Magnetism, property and tourism products all help position Peru in a privileged position.
Peru is primarily considered a historical and archaeological site, with Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the Nazca Lines being major tourist attractions. Other areas of interest to tourists are ecotourism, adventure tourism and spiritual tourism.
On a tour of Peru, discover the first Pandian civilization, the Chauvin, which contains stone temples that have been confused by intricate galleries over 3,100 meters. You can also find the anonymity of the castle and the adobe pyramids built by the Mochica dynasty near the sea. and its majestic mausoleums such as the Sipan Ruler, one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century.
One can explore Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire, the highest pre-Columbian civilization in South America. Cusco and its surroundings are characterized by colossal structures such as the Inca fortress Machu Picchu, known as the eighth wonder of the world.
Nature lovers will find Peru their favorite destination. There are more than 50 closed natural areas along the coast, Andes foothills, wetlands, Amazon rainforest and tropical mountains, including Paracas, Manu, Tambopata-Kandamo, Pacaia-Samiria, Pampa Galeras and Huascaran. This ecosystem is extraordinary and is a haven for dozens of endangered species.
Tours in Peru also have one of the richest fishing spots in the world; Its benefits lie in the excellent climatic conditions and the abundance of nutrients which have increased the number of amazing fish species.
Folk art, along with its historical, archaeological and architectural heritage, is another tourist attraction on a Peru tour. It also has one of the most sophisticated and varied cuisines which is authentic as prehistoric.
Traveling to peru amazon tours is also an ecstasy of adventure. Tours in Peru are best for adventure lovers because the Andes are an ideal place for hiking, camping and mountain climbing. The high mountains are mysterious with more than 15,000 lakes, snow-capped mountains at 6,000 meters, the world’s deepest canyons, shepherd’s valleys, and picturesque villages. The entire Andes chain offers unmatched white water rafting views, great mountain bike trails and howling winds for fans of hang-gliders and parapets. The beaches in Paracas (south of Lima) and on the north coast are best for sports such as surfing, windsurfing, sandboarding, fishing and diving. There are also good fishing activities in the Amazon jungle, where bird watchers can also enjoy a field day.